"I want to live to be 150" An elderly woman from Kenya has told how she has extended her life.

The elderly Naomi Gicheru, an African woman, was born in Nairobi in . She has lived through two world wars and seen dozens of politicians run the country. She lived through two world wars and has seen dozens of politicians run the country. She is listed in Kenya's record book as the oldest person in the country: she turned 124 on 14 March. Naomi Gicheru has surpassed not only her friends in age but also many of her own children.

She often goes for medical check-ups. Every year, the doctors say only one thing: in perfect health, she can even travel to the moon tomorrow without any problems.

Despite her longevity, Naomi Gicheru rarely leaves her rural home and always refuses when her children suggest she move to the city. Her children are understandably concerned about leaving a woman of her age alone. But Mrs Gicheru doesn't mind too much.

Naomi Gicheru now lives in Mombasa and looks after a large wooden house built by her late husband. She also has a large garden where she grows fruit and vegetables every year. Mrs Gicheru also looks after her chickens and her goat Molly. And surprisingly, the old woman has enough energy for all this.

We visited her to interview her and find out her main secret: how to live so long. As we sipped the delicious tea Mrs Gicheru had prepared for us, we realised that she had other things on her mind than us. We didn't want to waste her time, so we got straight to the point.

- Mrs Gicheru, you have lived a very long life. The longest there is. Do you have any secrets?

Yes, everyone asks me the same question (the journalists who come to my house all the time). The secret is to have clean blood vessels. That's what my old friend Juan told me before the war. Juan lived here and was an herbalist. Everyone wanted to consult him, people even came from neighbouring villages. But he was conscripted into the army for the war and never came back.... We were neighbours. He used to come round in the afternoon for tea and a chat, and it was he who showed us how to take care of the different parts of the body. At that time, I had a sister with health problems. She got better when my parents helped her to clean her blood vessels. Since then, we've been convinced that clean blood vessels are the key to excellent health, and our whole family cleans them regularly. Unfortunately, our parents died in a tragic accident in 1987. My sister also lived a long life, but not as long as I did. She died at the age of 95. I also made sure that all my children were aware of the importance of keeping their blood vessels clean.

So the secret of longevity lies in the blood vessels: they need to be cleaned from time to time. But because nobody does it, people die early. Especially old people who live in cities. They love to take lots of pills, thinking they'll help. When I visited my granddaughter in Machakos, I was very surprised. People are only 60, but they're all ill. But if they cleaned out their blood vessels, they'd be as healthy and active as I am.

Mrs Gicheru, if someone in poor health cleans their blood vessels, will they live longer?

Of course it is! That's what it's all about. Think about it. Blood circulates in the blood vessels and feeds all the organs. The better the nutrition, the healthier the organs. Vascular health guarantees the health of the rest of the body. But blood vessels become dirty over time. Blood can contain dirt and all sorts of non-digestible substances that accumulate on the walls of the vessels. They simply have nowhere else to go. As a result, blood vessels corrode like rusty pipes. The internal organs are no longer sufficiently supplied with blood, they "starve" and fall ill. The kidneys, stomach, liver and bladder suffer from insufficient blood supply. Even the brain. Imagine, for example, if I stopped feeding my goat as usual: it would immediately fall ill!

I've just remembered a story. A long time ago, a woman wrote me a letter. Her husband suffered from high blood pressure. Sometimes he even had a heart attack. The doctors predicted an immediate (definitive) end to his suffering. They told the wife to start looking for a place to bury him. She thought I had a secret or something. I advised her to clean out her blood vessels. That's my only 'secret'. Ten years have passed since then. Her husband is alive and well and has no high blood pressure. Her whole family started cleaning out their blood vessels after that. Today, they call me every year to wish me a happy birthday. I could tell you many similar stories.

Journalists often ask me questions on this subject, and I always tell them what I've just told them, but it seems that people ask without hearing the answer. If they clean up their blood vessels, they can live a long and healthy life! After all, there's not much point in talking about longevity if illness is your constant companion.

Contamination of the blood vessels is the cause of 93% of cases of development of various diseases: from gastrointestinal tract diseases to sight disorders.

How can we clean the blood vessels? Can you share this secret with our readers?

I used to do it myself. I collected and prepared herbs especially for this. But I had more energy. I went into the forest and fields to collect, dry and prepare everything I needed. I cleaned my blood vessels once every two years. You don't need to do it more often, because that's how long it takes for the blood vessels to become contaminated. But I don't pick herbs myself any more, because that involves going into the forest at a particular time. I think that's too much for me.

The last time I did this was 15 years ago. My eldest daughter lives in Germany and prescribed a product for me, which I received by post at a reduced price. Today, I use it to clean my blood vessels. Laura, the woman who brings me the post, always brings it home. This product is even more effective than the herbs and, as I said, it's becoming too difficult to pick the herbs myself. I may be healthy, but I'm 124, you know? You can slow down old age, but you can't stop it completely.

What is the name of this product?

I can't remember. I only remember that the box is white and red. But I threw it away. You can ask my granddaughter for the name. I'll give you the number. She lives in Germany, so you may have to pay a lot of money...

Mrs Gicheru looked around the room for a long time. Then she brought in an old piece of paper - she always keeps the list of telephone numbers this way.

We called our granddaughter. She's an expert, she lives in Europe and she's sent Grandma several times a product that protects the heart and blood vessels. But the fact is that it wasn't a product made abroad, on the contrary, it was made here. Its name is HeartKeep.

We decided to find out more about this product and, in general, about the procedure for cleaning blood vessels and its usefulness, from Dr Musili, Associate Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences and Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at the University Clinic, who agreed to answer our questions.

Tell us, is it really so beneficial to clean your blood vessels?

Over time, more and more doctors are coming to the conclusion that this is an extremely useful procedure that can not only increase life expectancy, but also improve human health, because blood vessels blocked by cholesterol are very bad for your health! And I'm talking here about people who do not suffer from cardiovascular disease or, for example, high blood pressure. Cleaning the blood vessels is a necessity for those who do suffer from these conditions.

How does HeartKeep clean a person's blood vessels?

This product contains a special form of vitamin E called alpha-tocopherol. This substance is capable of penetrating cholesterol molecules and destroying them from within. The result for a person undergoing treatment is blood vessels that are completely free of cholesterol plaque and blood clots. In 96% of cases, the patient's blood pressure returns to normal almost immediately after the blood vessel cleaning procedure.

I would like to show you the statistics on the use of this product by ordinary patients in our clinic. We carefully record the results of treatment. In total, we have treated around 10,000 patients with HeartKeep. Here are their results:

  • Blood pressure completely stabilised (hypertension cured): 98% of participants
  • Heart rate was normalised: 97% of participants
  • Headaches have disappeared: 99% of participants
  • Improved vision: 74% of participants
  • Increased effectiveness in the treatment of chronic diseases: 92% of participants
  • Significant improvement in general health: 99% of participants

As you can see, the results are excellent. And that's normal.

"Ingredients: unique plant extracts, vitamins, antioxidants, cardiac vitamins (potassium and calcium). This product has been developed using innovative technology and helps to keep blood pressure under control. It cleanses blood vessels of cholesterol plaque and improves heart function. The results are 100% guaranteed. "

Mrs Gicheru said she was receiving HeartKeep at a special price. Are there any such special conditions and can other people benefit from this price?

Yes, it's possible. As far as I know, HeartKeep is now being distributed at a reduced price by the University of Clinical Cardiology. Anyone living in Kenya can obtain this product. No certificate or prescription is required, simply apply on the official website. HeartKeep is sent nationwide by post. I recommend it to anyone who wants to cleanse their blood vessels.

There's one more thing. The HeartKeep is produced in small, limited batches, so it simply doesn't reach pharmacies. Unfortunately, most of it is sent abroad, and some is bought by private clinics. Unfortunately, we don't have enough of this product for all hypertensive patients in Kenya. That's why we've decided to offer it to those who submit a request to the site as quickly as possible. To participate in our program, you must click on the button "Buy HeartKeep with a 50% discount!"

Conditions for obtaining HeartKeep:

  • You must be located in Kenya. We do not ship HeartKeep outside the country.
  • HeartKeep is authorised for PERSONAL USE ONLY. I ask retailers to leave the product to the public! Taking advantage of the elderly is inhumane!
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    Moringa is a dense dietary plant that contains a large part of the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed for healthy blood pressure. Moringa contains vitamin C, containing an essential ingredient in producing nitric oxide. nitric oxide supports the normal functioning of blood vessels.
    Potassium in moringa helps to cope with sodium, a mineral that has been proven to increase blood pressure.
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    The arjuna plant seems to be the best plant for heart health. Arjuna extract is a powerful antioxidant that protects the heart from oxidation.
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    Coenzyme Q10 protects the heart from damage caused by oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Coenzyme Q10 gradually decreases with age, and when we reach fifty, the heart muscle becomes weaker and causes heart palpitations and high blood pressure. Coenzyme Q10 supplementation is needed to improve heart function and lower blood pressure. Coenzyme Q10 directly participates in energy metabolism, and also protects cells from the inside from the so-called free radicals - active substances that stimulate aggressive chemical reactions and can destroy cells and their components.


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